3 way stopcock = LLF x LLF x Luer Lock 9,5mm

_ Stopcock body = PC
_ Handle = PEHD available in four different colours : blue,red,white,neutral ( yellow, green, and other colors on request )
_ The two ports LL/F  can be equipped with caps : one or two screwed caps (PP) colour blue or white  – not vented. 
     The port Luer Lock 9,5 mm can be also equipped with one vented protector ( PELD) .
_ Arrows indication marks on the handle to indicate the direction of flow.
_Standard  bore
_ Minimal dead-spaces in ports for accurate drug administration.
_ Possibility of connection of the stopcock’s ports by rotating (360°) of handle :
1-LL/F with LL/F
2-each LL/F with port Luer Lock 9,5 mm
3-one LL/F to the time with port Luer Lock 9,5 mm

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